Creating bonds between people

with common interests

SINGA is above all a community. A community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, students, etc.

It is a community of "human beings". People willing to get to know and understand each other.

Within SINGA, anyone has the possibility to join or carry projects and activities of their choice, to animate workshops, meetings, activities and by doing so become an active member of the SINGA community !


- Buddy
- Workshops
- Events

3 programs are currently available in Brussels:

One is being designed:



SINGA is above all a community. A community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, students...

It is a community of humans. People who want to get to know and understand each other.


At SINGA, anyone has the opportunity to join or carry out projects or activities of their own choice, to lead workshops, meetings, activities and by doing so become an active member of the SINGA community!







Members of the SINGA community organise dozens of workshops and activities - artistic, sporty or just for fun - allowing newcomers and locals to meet and connect.

We organise cooking activities, theatre, football, running, well-being (for women), board games, writing... and new activities are being constantly developed. Participating in these activities is free.






BLABLAs are the ideal opportunity to come spontaneously when and with whom you want. The format allows you to take part in different activities at tables hosted by participants.


BLABLAS are at fixed dates and times, but every BLABLA is a new and different experience!


Come on Mondays from 18:00 to 20:00 at 171 Rue Gray, 1050 Ixelles or on Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00 at Avenue du Port, 1000 Brussels.



In the Buddy Program, we will match you with a person who has the same passions and interests as you.


It is up to you to choose what activities you would like to do together (practice a language, do a sport, go for a walk etc.) We will provide you with lots of ideas.


friendships are born




CALM responds to the two biggest challenges facing someone after receiving their refugee status:

- Finding a roof over their head and a good living environment to help them with their future plans.
- Being included in a family or co-housing situation which helps create an understanding of the ways and rules in Belgium whilst also creating a network of friends and contacts.


The "AAMI CALM" voluntarily accompanies "the host" in his search for housing and his administrative procedures

In Belgium, after obtaining refugee status, a person has two months to leave the asylum centre and find a new place to live. Failing this you can end up on the streets. How can you do this without necessarily knowing the language, the social and cultural codes, or even the city, in such a short timeframe?


CALM - (Comme A La Maison) - Like at Home - is a project that matches those with refugee status and those living in Brussels who want to open their homes and provide a temporary housing situation. CALM offers a period of intergration of 3-9 months, which allows participants time to focus on their future and aids their social and professional integration into society.

In France, CALM has already made it possible to realize more than 400 receptions in 300 families in 2 years. More information on this link.



Avec le soutien de soutien de la Fondation Benoît, Stichting Spring, la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la Fondation NIF, la Fondation 4Wings, Fondation Roi Baudouin, Fondation SOMFY et de la Région la Commission communautaire française de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

SINGA s'engage à respecter votre vie privée lors du traitement de vos données personnelles conformément à la loi européenne de la protection des données. Les conditions générales et politique de protection de la vie privée sont reprises dans le document ci-joint.

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